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We are a Tour company that aims to show visitors to Thailand the real Thailand. We offer a range of private tours that will show you Thai culture with our experienced and friendly Thai guides.
Our tour company is based in Kanchanaburi just 3 hours west of Bangkok and our tours are specialized and unique to the local Kanchanaburi area.



Kanchanaburi is a beautiful province located just 3 hours west of Bangkok.

This nature loving and picturesque city was established in the late 19th Century by King Rama I as an military outpost against possible Burmese attacks.

In modern history, Kanchanaburi is well known due to “The Bridge over the River Kwai” first published as a book and then made into a  film  and the Death Railway where 12 621Allied prisoners of war and between 80000 – 100000 civilians died completing the project. Another recent movie that filmed in the province about trials of the prisoners of War during world war II was The Railway man.  Have a look at some of the attractions that you will see in Kanchanaburi and contact us at Unique Trek to book your fully customisable private tour.

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      We are a private tour company which means all of our tours are fully customizable. Have a look at...

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      One Day Tours Quick getaways to take in the best of the region.
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      Our two day one night tours are great to see more of the area and also spend some extra time relaxing in some really beautiful locations.
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      3 Day 2 Night ToursReally experience all that you would like to see in Kanchanaburi and the rest of the region
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      Buid Your Own Tours Like our name Unique Trek we offer a unique service for our customers. Unlike other tour companies we offer you the opportunity to build and customise your v...
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      Unique Tours proudly presents these selections of truly special and unique tours that highlight Thai culture and the way of life. If you are looking for an adventure that is far di...
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